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Yeong Geum Kim Continues To Impress With His Talented Cover Videos

HelloEntertainment April 20, 2021

His deep yet silky voice has continously amazed viewers and impressed critics all throughout Korea. If you never saw his ‘Superstar K 2016’ performance, it is a must-see before diving into the rest of his amazing covers. Check out the video below!

After some time, Yeong Geum Kim is still actively pursuing his career as a singer and his showcasing his development as an artist through his various covers, which are wonderful ballads that bring on the challenge of making an already difficult song to sing match his own style.

Now, Yeong Geum Kim has surprised fans with his recent release of “Are You Listening” on YouTube. The setting is simplistic but matching as the live performance was recorded with Kreaon at the Mapo-Gu Oil Tank Culture Park. Filming inside the former oil tank manifests the darkness of the lyrics due to its robust appearance, while Kim’s voice beautifully echoed around the empty space and making it resognate like an endless void surrounding us. Albiet the video is simple, it doesn’t need to offer anymore than just that. Yeong Geum Kim’s voice is the whole show in itself and completely captivates anyone who is listening. He takes music seriously and his attitude shows with all the effort he puts into mastering his covers and producing a wonderful rendition of such famous tracks. But don’t just take my word for it, watch the spledid cover below and share your toughts in the comments!

Yeong Geun Kim has found a great amount of inspiration from the internatonally renowned singer and Superstar K judge Seung Chul Lee, who has not only released countless of national hit songs since his debut in 1989. The cover of the song brings back great memories for older fans and the wonderful cover melody is supported by a gentle and melancholic blend.

After his victory in 2016, Yeong Geun Kim debuted with the ballad ‘Under Wall Road’ in the following year. He has since been busy releasing both original songs and drama soundtracks, as well as being active on his personal YouTube channel (linked below). On his channel he frequently uploads a wide range of covers in various musical genres which successfully capture his amazing performance skills, and ability to adapt to a variety of styles with ease. To also show fans a peak of his everyday life, Kim has been uploading vlogs both from recording sessions, but also his usual daily activities. Check out all of his social media down below and don’t forget to show your support!

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