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Korean TikTok Star ChangHa Appears on Tokyo Billboard, Delighting 10 Million Fans Worldwide

Kpopstarz Feb 02, 2021

Social media sensation and TikTok celebrity CHANGHA was included in a TikTok billboard ad placed in central Tokyo - sending his 10 million followers on the video-sharing platform into a frenzy.

The famous South Korean content creator, known worldwide for his impressive visuals and entertaining regular content on the platform, was reportedly "honored and touched" by the support and love he received from the TikTok community, featuring him on a billboard at an exceptionally busy location.

Aside from being one of the most-followed content creators in TikTok, CHANGHA also has close to a million Instagram followers as well as a growing fanbase on his YouTube. The young social media sensation, also known as Jeon Changha, offers a variety of content aimed at being relatable and enjoyable for the younger generation. He mostly dances and produces short videos on TikTok. On YouTube, he posts a variety of content - ranging from game streams to his cover versions of popular songs, not just in Korean but also from other Asian nations.

Shortly after launching his TikTok page in December 2018, CHANGHA soon had a fan meeting event in Thailand and even served as an influencer with the Hallyu Com-On Swiss 2020, hosting an online date with his fans.

As for his cover series of popular songs, he has collaborated with some of K-Pop's rising and prominent artists including AOORA, BAE173, DKB, Cherry Bullet, and the rapper JESSI. His most recent work, the Korean version for the Indonesian song "Cintanya Aku" with Ari from the K-Pop girl group REDSQUARE, now has close to 35k views in less than 24 hours. His effort to sing some parts in its original language earned praises from his Indonesian fans, as well as those simply charmed by his and Ari's vocals.

Follow CHANGHA through his TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

by Mark B

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