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Ji Soo Pairs Up With One Million Dance Studio’s Jay Kim + Release 2 Covers

Hello Entertainment March 16, 2021

After successfully debuting earlier this year after garnering attention during her time on ‘Vocal Play 2,’ Ji Soo Lim, a Berklee College of Music student. continues to excite fans as she brings more to the table with her wonderful voice and well-matched collaborations.

First, her hypnotizingly deep-voice serenades us to the lovely lyrics of Justin Beiber’s “Holy.”

Proving her vocals can just about cover any genre and style. Ji Soo continues to impress us with her raw vocal talent. Alongside that, Ji Soo paired up with renowned international choreographer Jay Kim to bring us a hauntingly beautiful and touching collaborative performance of Lewis Capaldi’s song, “Someone You Loved.”

Jisoo Lim gained popularity in Korea to her performance of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. She won the final title every round, capturing the attention and support of the audience with her unique and expressive voice. Additionally, she made her official debut in the music industry with her single Monologue” in January 2021 and released 2nd single “Up and Down” recently on Warner Music Korea Youtube channel. You can check out the interview about her debut here!

Jay Kim is a choreographer from One Million Dance Studios with past activities at Loen Entertainment. He combines classical and modern dance elements, expanding his artistic range beyond the limits of genres, media platforms, and countries. Traveling through 39 countries around the world, his successful workshops reached a global audience to follow his creative and inspirational skillset.

Their song and choreography collaboration stage, filmed at Studio Carre and Pocket Park cafe, highlights Jisoo’s vocal range and Jay’s artistic ability to express himself through movements. This collaboration is sure to impress viewers worldwide with its distinctive, emotional atmosphere! What do you think of their original projects? Share your thoughts in the comments below and do not forget to show your support for these talented artists.

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