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Hip Hop Artist ColorTheBen Performs 'High Livin' ahead of Album Release

Feb 25, 2021 kpopstarz

Rising Hip Hop artist ColorTheBen has recently showcased his musicality with "High Livin" at the Studio Carre in Seoul, ahead of his upcoming album set for a March release.

In the showcase performance video of the rising rapper, now at the 88 Land YouTube channel, ColorTheBen features in a visually riveting live performance. Including an interactive lyric closed caption, the video is largely monochromatic - giving the impression of the rapper alone in an intimate and solemn location. The only color, fittingly, comes from the overhead panel that gives off a warm mint green light that shifts to a strong red color midway before returning to green.

Studio Carre is a rising location for content creators and artists to turn their unique concepts into reality. The Seoul-based multi-functional space has also recently hosted "Hit It 8," the hip-hop competition hosted by talent management agency Big Hit Entertainment, perhaps best known as home to boy groups BTS, TXT, and 2AM.

The showcase performance, running for only two minutes and fifteen seconds, leaves the audience wanting more. With his smooth movements around the stage and equally smooth rapping skills, ColorTheBen is definitely set to stand out in the Korean hip-hop music scene. His Studio Carre exclusive comes ahead of his upcoming album, titled "Grey," set to be released this upcoming March. A press release from ColorTheBen's team hints at the new album being descriptive about the artist's perception of Seoul.

Aside from the showcase performance for "High Livin," Kraeon and 88 Land also featured ColorTheBen in an exclusive artist interview video. Fluently speaking in English, the artist whose real name is Ben Kang, shares his story and his craft. He shares starting his love for the hip-hop genre when he was still in middle school. When he moved into the United States, he had a friend who had a mic and a laptop where they started recording.

As for his Hip Hop influences, he identifies Lil Wayne and Drake, recalling that he began following the two artists' works during his time in the US. When asked to describe the kind of music he makes, he began by calling his work "self-explanatory," adding that he writes songs based on his feelings.

ColorTheBen has been making waves in the Korean and global music scene with his color-inspired releases. Each album is named after a particular color, which is further explored through the tracks that a piece of the artist, giving a deep interpretative of the color's different hues and tints. His first release, "Blue," was generally described a conveying a cool, laid back emotion - exemplified by the tracks "Friend" and "Ocean Drive."

His song "High Livin" comes from the second album "Green," which promotes a more open-minded approach to life. The "Green" album also includes the track "Green Love," featuring fellow hip-hop artist Urban Fisher.

In the artist interview video, he chuckled when asked what inspired him to go for color-inspired releases, first admitting that it was "a hard question." While he mainly credits the creative choice to spontaneity, he also opened up about his personal preference of putting colors to his things and to his feelings.

By Mark B.

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