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Bongyoung Park Drops New Dance Video for SWITCH EMS – KpopHit

kpophit May 7, 2021

Dancer and choreographer Bongyoung Park released his new dance music video for SWITCH EMS from fitness brand CORE MOVEMENT.

In a video uploaded on the Kreaon Plus YouTube channel, Bongyoung Park can be seen with Si Hyeon Kim in a 52-second performance filled with intense energy set to an original track made especially for SWITCH. The duo made their eye-catching dance music video at the stage at Studio Carre, a rising location for content creators for its state-of-the-art equipment.

(Photo : Kreaon Plus YouTube Channel)

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The latest SWITCH and Bongyoung Park collaboration follows their successful appearance in the recent Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show 2021 (SPOEX 2021), a virtual event that showcases the latest in the sports and leisure industry, hosted by the Korean International Trade Association.

Bongyoung Park and Si Hyeon Kim’s performance, produced by next-level media content provider Kreaon, highlights the latest in smart wearable fitness technology. They successfully demonstrated how easy it is to wear and manage the SWITCH electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) bodysuits, which follow and stay steady regardless of the two dancer’s movements. With the EMS bodysuit, every physical movement – such as in dance or in exercise – is set to stimulate the muscles more and promote better muscle development by using low-frequency current to aid muscle contraction and relaxation.

With the SWITCH EMS bodysuits, users can better train their target muscles anytime, anywhere. The bodysuit works well with the EMS Health Booster for an overall improvement and helps users go past their limits.

Fans interested to try out the latest in wearable fitness solutions can check out the SWITCH store page on Naver.

About Bongyoung Park

Bongyoung Park is a celebrity choreographer and dance instructor from the renowned One Million Dance Studios. After finding his passion for his craft, he learned the nuances of the dancefloor at different locations around the world, including Seoul, Los Angeles, and Paris. He later grew his online following, earning recognition for his sophisticated choreographed routines, leading to viral videos such as his dance performances for Beyonce’s “Baby Boy,” Jay Park’s “Me Like Yuh,” Charlie Puth’s “One Call Away,” and more.

He has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the South Korean entertainment industry as a part of his artist training job with the JYP Entertainment Corporation. Bongyoung Park has also worked with other giants in the industry, such as Kakao M and CJ Entertainment.

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